problem solving, knowledge or wisdom


– if ignorance is an inability to intervene intelligently,

– and knowledge is an ability to intervene intelligently,

– wisdom may be an ability to intelligently refrain from intervention.

It seems – when dealing with self-directing living “things” – that wisdom-guided solutions are more long range, more restorative. Knowledge often gallops ahead of wisdom and interventions are liable to create solutions which turn into bigger problems.

Can individual wisdom be “produced faster” in human beings? If wisdom consists of a high quantity of diverse and relevant feedback, the cognitive process could probably be sped up. Feedback would need to consist of an individuals deliberate observations of results, not just punishments or external opinions.

Wisdom cannot be spoon-fed or dictated.

An authoritarian attempt to spread individual wisdom may be well-intentioned. It may even be based on profound knowledge. But it would be unwise indeed as it would sooner or later create an Orwellian nightmare.