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With time we tend to get firm opinions on what works and what not. They become rigid communication habits - like forgotten default settings. Time to take a step back, to try, to test new understandings. It means a) stretching comfort zones b) getting real new skills c) knowing when to use which skill. It is intense, personal and needs intrinsic motivation to participate.

The Trainer

Thomas is a former CEO and trainer. The last 16 years he has trained 2500+ leaders and managers in small training groups. Typical clients are CxOs and management teams looking for improved agility, opportunity- smartness and team coherence. Thomas has grown up in an entrepreneurial family with hands-on leadership, ethnic diversity and steep learning curves. Linked

Communication Essentials In Leadership
C.E.I.L. training helps entrepreneurs, CxOs and management teams to improve their communication skills, emotional agility and a mental readiness for natural win-win problem-solving.
Leaders constantly need to make choices about what / how / why to communicate (or not).

A leader's ability to make such choices - sometimes at important crossroads - is limited by personal comfort zones and by individual mastery to execute viable choices.

The C.E.I.L. Course

The Unique Training Proposition of C.E.I.L.

a) expand individual comfort zones and facilitate discovery of communication choices,

b) train what is relevant to a point of actual do-ability when it matters and

c) focus on choices that solve more problems than they create. read more about C.E.I.L. COURSE
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    Other Courses & Trainings

    Once you are through the C.E.I.L. program, 1-day optional follow-up modules are offered. All these modules deepen C.E.I.L. skills achieved. C.E.I.L. completion is mandatory for 1-day modules. All modules are optional.

    1: Strategy for champions

    Train an emergent focus strategy that leads your business to a blue ocean
    read more

    2: Emotional Agility

    Train to read emotional profiles for strategic purposes and learn to manage or reset overextended emotions
    read more

    3: Pitching with Impact

    Train to pitch your company, your service, your division to stakeholders
    read more

    4: Executive Presence

    Train to recognise and reinforce important components of executive presence
    read more

    5: Reframing and Metaphors

    Train to reframe problems and use ad hoc metaphors that don't ignore complexity
    read more

    6: Savvy Leadership input

    Train to give your team members input that develops competence and gets results
    read more

    7: Conflict escalation

    Train to recognise and revert the stop-gaps of deteriorating communication
    read more

    8: Procrastination

    Train to recognise and revert or actually use different types of procrastination
    read more

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